It started in a car, when we were commuting between Växjö and Malmö. Along the dark roads of southern Sweden, in 2003, we developed what would be our first collaborative art work: [visklek] a Chinese Whispers on answering machines.

Since then we have continued to explore our interest in collaborative storytelling, participation and everyday communication using several channels of communication such as answering machines, embroidery, text messages and eye-to-eye meetings.

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  131008-12 - å+k in collaboration with Eric Snodgrass present the paper Living and Dying with Obsolescence in Riga at the Renew-conference. Organised by Media Art History.

130613-15 - å+k present some thoughts on invitations at Transmissions and Entanglements: Uses of inventive methods, in London. Invited by Kat Jungnickel at the department of Sociology at Goldsmiths.

130605-08 - å+k host a workshop on fashion and textiles at Culumus 2013 Kalmar. Participants are invited to bring a discarded garment and to work with the various relations that they are and have been part of.

130503 - 08/18 - P.S. Förlåt ifall jag väckte er has been recharged, and is now exhibited at Orkanen library, as part of Malmö Nordic 2013.

130417-19 - å+k present a paper on Threads becoming to matter, at the conference Crafting the future in a session called Making Together.

121106-08 Writing Imaginaries, Making Futures – a course on academic writing as interventions at Malmö University led by Laura Watts, whereto å+k bring their c/o patchworking to continue the crafting of their thesis.

121105 – å+k talk at Luleå University of Technology “P.S. Förlåt ifall jag väckte er” as an artistic approach to capture what we see/experience – and design/build what we want to happen.

121103 – Opening of P.S. Förlåt ifall jag väckte er at Konstmuseet i Norr. The mobile phones that å+k collected earlier this year have now been unravelled and repeated. In a diffracted way it has found its form as four time capsules that send out an SMS-novel which deals with being dumped, taped and finding ways forward. Subscribe from/to your mobile phone by texting “PS” to 71 700! Details.

121022 – å+k invited for and organised a Post-conference to digest the Science and Technology Studies conference EASST /4S. The afternoon and evening was devoted to possible future collaborations mainly between School of Arts and Communication, Malmö University and Lancaster University. Thanks a million to those of you who joined us!

120813 –å+k added Threads as an island to an archipelago of sites where alternative futures are made in the workshop Making Futures – Challenging Innovation. Zine and position papers to read online or to download.

120812 - What can Actor-Network-Theory bring to Participatory Design? In a workshop on that topic at the Participatory Design Conference in Roskilde å+k brought experiences of and thoughts on working with figures such as Cat’s Cradle www.sts.vt.edu/faculty/crist/Cats_Cradle.pdf and patchworking and how they are related to Actor-Network-Theory.

120629-0702 REPA UPP / UPPREPA at MEND*RS, the first Mending Research Symposium in the Lake District, England, to work with all the delegates on the collected mobilephones to seek a provisional answer to the question: What does it mean to bring these technologies as well as the information into the future in responsible ways? å+k and Blanca Callén also led a discussion group on e-waste, relational and planned obsolescence.

120614 – å+k at High Wire Breakfast Club at Lancaster University, generously invited and introduced by Liz Edwards . The experience of using patchworking as a way of handling dilemmas and opportunities in collaborative, multipractice PhD led to uplifting exchange with other doctoral students who are dealing with similar issues.

120507-0703 – å+k are visiting students at Lancaster University, Department of Sociology. A few of the things that will be happening: Feminist Technoscience Studies Summer Course called Reproduction: Continuities and Transformations and an Intellectual party: Lancaster Sociology Summer Conference 2012

120425 – å+k are panellists at the conference Economical growth with diversity and tolerance
, arranged by Diversity Index, focusing on innovation, organisation, work-life, discrimination and diversity. The panel’s topic is gender conscious design. å+k will focus on experiences of innovation, technology and gender from their academic and artistic practice. Invited by Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research. Live streamed here.

120414-0422 - During a good week we are asking inhabitants in Kiruna with surroundings in the northern parts of Sweden to let us work with their discarded mobile phones. We will unravel and repeat the information and the technology that we find in the mobile phones. Inspired by those who went from homes to homes to collect wool while at the same time becoming carrier of information, we intend to work as contemporary re-users of material. When autumn comes we return with and our reconfigurations of the collected digital and physical material. This is part of Konstmuseet i Norr.

Do you have a mobile phone that we could work with? Please contact us on: info@misplay.se.

120130 - Swedish Arts Council handed over a report with five ‘learning examples’ of collaborations between cultural institutions and the civic society. Threads was chosen as one of them. Threads was also at the ceremonial handing over of the report to the Minister of Culture. The report can be downloaded and watched and read about.

120120-21 - Threads is without ends, it seems! A new version of the tour started in January 2012 when Riksutställningar handed over the role of managing the tour to Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan. It will go on throughout at least 2012, but requests have already been coming for 2013!

111208 - Half way. Or more. And sometimes it feels like less. å+k did their 50 % seminar with the National Design Research School.

111205-07 - Threads was part of Intensivdagarna at Riksutställningar - a yearly gathering for discussions and presentations and examples of exhibitions. å+k also did a presentation about Threads as a touring research collaboration.

111128-30 - Threads was chosen to be part of the Ambience exhibition at Borås textilmuseum and å+k:s paper “Working Patches” was chosen for the Ambience conference: Where art, technology and design.

111026-28 Focusing on what Media Does, the conference Media Acts provided space for å+k to present ”Crafting New Publics with Threads” at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim.

110914-21- In collaboration, and as a continuation of the editorial sewing circle å+k together with Johanna Rosenqvist and Margareta Melin, had a busy schedule in Istanbul at the ISEA-conference. Presentation of the paper ”Stitching Together an Editorial Sewing Circle” and “Patchwork Panel: Conceptualising Seams that Separate and Stitch Together”. å+k also participated in Andy Best’s panel ”Playing for Keeps – Social Empowerment through Physically Interactive Artworks” with the presentation ”Entangling Threads”

110901-02 - To tackle issues of who and what is participating in Threads, and what is made absent and present, å+k presented ”Labour in the Seams of DIY” at the Transforming Audiences Conference at Westminster Unviersity. London.

110627-28 - Invited to the closed seminar New Loci of Involvement – New Cartographies of Innovation at Lancaster University, å+k presented an innovation-take on Threads: “Threads – a Mobile Sewing Circle – Collaborative Knowledge Production in an Emerging Network”.

110529-0601 - At the biannual Nordic Design Research Conference, this time focusing on Making Design Matter, å+k presented the peer-reviewed full paper Threads without Ends – A mobile sewing circle

110308-10 - Paper ”Messy Threads – an Object but not a Ball of Yarn You Can Hold in Your Hand”accepted and presented at Gender and ICT, Umeå University.

110205stitching together invited by Full Pull to Club Transmediale in Berlin. Join us in embroidering SMS with a brunch at Paloma Bar.

101129 – 1203 – Full paper accepted! The Participatory Design Conference reviewers liked our paper ” Threads - A Mobile Sewing Circle: Making Private Matters Public in Temporary Assemblies. å+k make a presentation in Sydney.

101009Trådar – en mobilsyjunta is out there! The tour started in Väskinde, Gotland, Sweden and will continue to Bergslagen, Dalarna, Jämtland, Kronoberg, Kalmar, Skaraborg and Stockholm. It is taken care of by new hosts and we are surprised by all the love Threads is shown by new friends. If the tour doesn’t come by your place, you can also join us, wherever you are, by stitching yourself into the threads of our website. www acts as a connecting web, when a project like this is spread out!

100920-29 – å-text about communication in the process of collecting information about Latvian herbal knowledge as part of the Herbologies/Foraging Expedition in Kurzeme , Latvia, is published in a book which will be released at ISEA 2010 Ruhr.

100911-2 - Join us for a stitching together workshop on 11th September 11 am to 4 pm at Handarbetets vänner in Stockholm.

å+k thereby takes part in the show Open Sewing Circle together with Ele Carpenter, curated by Margareta Klingberg.

Also join us at the patchwork-seminar on Monday 13th September 6-8 pm where å+k will be discussing sewing circles, knowledge production and more with the two above mentioned as well as Louise Waldén.

Open Sewing Circle is part of Points of Departure in Stockholm which is the latest edition of the recurrent exhibition Northern Fibre.

100908-18 - å+k has contributed with an audio piece for a CD collaboration which will be released together with a book where å+k are writing about a 10-eyed species, with 10 ears and five more hearing devices. 10 legs and 10 tires. Five different voices, and bells ringing ring-ring. Remember the project Bike Circuit? Yes, this is where five bikers negotiated their way through Oslo for 15 minutes without putting their feet down.

Release during the Ultima festival, Oslo, of book and CD produced in the aftermath of Manual for the construction of a sound as a device to elaborate social connection initiated by Jana Winderen and Brandon LaBelle produced by Hjördis Kurås at Atelier Nord.

100823-27 - (The Doing of) Design Things is the theme of this year’s Nordes PhD Summer School in Pukeberg, in which å+k will participate.

100119 – Kristina Lindström was joined by Margareta Melin to host a stitching together sewing circle with art teacher students at Konstfack.

091214 – The Burmese experiences made by Åsa Ståhl and Erik Sandelin in 2007/08 will be shared in the international symposium Public and Participative Art: Performance in Everyday Life at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, organised by Jay Koh. The titel for the talk is ”Working across culture and belief system”.

091127 – Higher seminar at K3 with å+k so far as doctoral students. A text and a presentation connected to the seminar, both coloured by the patchwork technique you’ve seen before in our quilt, is on the agenda.

091107 – Fabulous exhibition Craftwerk 2.0 in Jönköping will most likely be prolonged to 21st of March 2010. It’s a show that has managed to work with people, processes and objects in an integrated manner. On a sunny Saturday in the beginning of November å+k had a workshop, a sewing circle with some very engaged participants – of which some had travelled from Gothenburg to Jönköping for the first time of their life. Great stories were told, exchanged, and some actions for change in patriarchal work environments were encouraged. But there was also a tension between the calm atmosphere of a group of new acquaintances coming close to each other through confidential small talk and some participants’ impatient waiting for a specific sms embroidered.
Tack för senast (ert besök på Jönköpings museum). Det var kul med sms broderiet. En bild på vad det blev av mitt sms broderi. Jag har broderat teckningarna och jag broderade in namnen i samma färg som sms:en, så att man kan se vilken teckning som hör till vilken teckning. Jag har broderat många av mina barnbarns teckningar och även haft utställning av dem. Jag har fått mycket positiva reaktioner av alla som har sett dem och mina barnbarn är jätte glada för dem. Kudden är just nu på länsmuseet som visning för allmänheten som ett resultat av de olika workshopsen.

Lycka till
mvh Boël

The exhibition has been written about in various media: SVD, DN, GP, We make money not art and American Craft Magazine

091018- å+k is making a contribution to the new permanent exhibition Folkkonst at Kulturen in Lund, Sweden, with a new piece of embroidery, based on our former work.

090919 – 100117 - Craftwerk 2.0 at Jönköpings länsmuseum is an exhibition with the coolest name and the coolest slogan: ‘The Revolution is being Handmade’. å+k has added new sms-embroideries to the quilt and made a distributable manual on how to invite for an sms-sewing-circle. Curators Otto von Busch and Clara Åhlvik have, apart from the exhibition itself, put together a most impressive list of events. å+k are happy to be part of this list and will humbly host a sewing circle on the 7th of November, noon to 4 pm. Please join us if you’re in the hoods!

90914-19 - å+k rejoin with the crew of “Manual for the construction of an event as a device to elaborate social connection” in Oslo. Bicycle performance and bicycle installation is on our agenda.

Bike riders will be in close contact with the streets of Oslo and with each other; with human and non-human actors. The aim is for the bike riders to not put the foot down during the ride, but to help each other keep a flow as we create a polyphonic narrative through passing on information to each other about fellow actors in the streets be that other bikers, red lights, cars or animals. The installation opens on 17th September in Deichman library there will be radios, one for each sound recording done by each person who participated in the performance. The radios can be moved around in the installation thereby creating new flows of information and even richer narratives.

Made possible by Atelier Nord, the Ultima festival and Oslo kommune.

090912-1108–å+k invites everybody to the show Pick up the thread at Ronneby Kulturcentrum. It features the two works sms-broderi-följetong and Play in Reverse, now with a film made for us by Vanja Burden.

Curator Torun Ekstrand and researcher Pirjo Elovaara did a performance on the opening . Thank you for the very well scripted show!

On the 14th October researchers Margareta Melin and Johanna Rosenqvist will take part in an open seminar about gender, textiles, technology, collaborations and everyday storytelling from a feminist perspective.

wordshave been said by others. And the graphics have been made by Michaela Green with some help by Emma Holmberg, Vanja Burden and Helena Ohlsson.

090819-21- å+k work at KRETS with passers-by to create a feuilleton out of their SMS. Researchers Margareta Melin and Johanna Rosenqvist will join us for a seminar, open to the public, on gender, technology, textiles and collaborative

090817-18 - Start up of the sms-emboridery feuilleton in the Aluma tent at Malmöfestivalen at the open editorial meetings. Look for the first sms that will be pubished in Aluma in August.

090727-31X-front at Pride with pictures and pussypants.

090606-0906 - We are proud to announce that our quilt with embroidered text messages is part of the exhibition Open Source Embrodiery at Bildmuseet in Umeå, Sweden. The show is curated by Ele Carpenter who completed a PhD in 2008. Her curatorial practice-based research has focused on socially and politically engaged art activism with and without new technologies and has investigated the languages of participatory and collaborative practice in new media and socially engaged arts practices.. This exhibition will tour to MOCFA - Museum of Craft and Folk Art, San Francisco, USA.

090604Play in Reverse in its present form will be swinging at the Resolution EXIT exhibition at K3, Malmö University, thanks to the gorgeous students Matilda Marcelius, Karin Amberntsson and Kajsa Sahlström Gren. There’s a webcast for those of you who can’t make it.

090604-07 – å+k and others from the X-front network will have a panel and do an installation at the 7th European Feminist Research Conference in Utrecht, The Netherlands. In the panel å+k will talk about “Constructive criticism through art and design: X-front as practice-led research with a distributed network of participants.”

090515-18 – å+k do research in Oslo for a collaboration titled “Manual for the construction of an event as a device to elaborate social connection” financed by Atelier Nord and initiated by Brandon LaBelle and Jana Winderen.

090509 – The third stop in our sms-embroideries-mini-tour was Lane. Check out the blog and/or join our Facebook group “sms-broderi på Bygdegårdarna”.

090426 - Our second stop in our sms-embroideries-mini-tour is Tyresö.

Tyresö >>

090418-23 – Social innovation is the theme for the Swedish Design Research Network get-together in Italy in which å+k take part.

090404-0509 – Mini-tour of stitching together aka sms-embroideries as part of our doctoral work to Vemhån, Tyresö and nearby Udevalla with Riksutställningar, Bygdegårdarnas Riksförbund, Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan and Vi Unga.

Besök gärna vår nya sms-broderi-blogg: www.misplay.se/sms-broderi>>

Vemhån >>

– å+k go to Mersin, Turkey as teachers at K3 and as part of the project City and Art which is an exchange between Turkey and three EU-countries. The first part of the project ends on the 27th March with a public presentation at K3 during the day as well as at 8 pm at KRETS. After three weeks of intense workshops in Malmö, Istanbul and Mersin students and teachers within the exchange project City and Art will present work in progress that will be further developed for an exhibition in Istanbul while it is the European cultural capital in the autumn of 2009.

School of Arts and Communication, K3, Malmö University
is the Swedish partner in the project which aims to create communication platforms among the art universities of the EU and Turkey for networking and to foster sustainable cooperations, exchange of information, sharing knowledge and good practices.

090309-11 - As part of the Swedish Design Research Network å+k take part in a seminar at Luleå University of Technology on gender and design.

090204-06 – å+k participating in a workshop on feminist academic writing at the international conference Feminist Research Methods in Stockholm.

090216-24 - Cultural Artefact – workshop with the students of Master in Culture and Media Production at K3, Malmö högskola.

081119 – A group from Sony Ericsson had a teambuilding afternoon in stitching together, embroidering sms and discussing material transformation of ephemeral media.

– Laika retrospective at KRETS. 10 years of sounds for mankind. Archives revived. Don’t miss the performance at 5 pm Saturday 20th December!

081110 – First day of the course on Professional practice at K3, Malmö university, managed by Lisa Nyberg and å+k to some extent. Daniel Peltz, on an IASPIS grant at K3, are one of many guest lecturers to meet with the creative students in order to give them tools to develop their professional practice. Öresund Entrepreneurship Academy made a lot of the planning possible. Thanks.

081102-04 - Symposium on New Media Politics, at K3, Malmö university. What research can be done at a place like K3? What’s the role of researchers when technology, media and society changes? What are the political aspects of a changing researcher role? stitching together invited to Fika: fragments of stories, relations and situations. Further reading >>

– å+k teaching and learning about social media at K3. Ok, that’s what we do most of the time, but this time it was different. We asked the students to do participatory studies with interventions in social media. And they came back to class with a lot of observations we could never have made. They’re the pros, we’re the ams. Together we’re pro-ams.

081017-1116 – Sharing design knowledge. As Malmö is subject to a Designboost where the phrase “think big, act small” was repeated over and over again to make us reflect on sustainability, lovely Apocalypse were one of few invited who seemed to take that phrase seriously. Apocalypse continues to work with recycling as part of a holistic view of the design process and a sustainable society. A new version of Tape Salads to be heard at the Boost Show together with other recycled sounds and materials.

081016 - Play in Reverse swinging again, thanks to five enthusiastic and smart students in interaction design at K3. Check out the blog!

stitching together accused of being a bad example of sloyd from Skåne, but also praised for being innovative. A Saturday at Kulturen in Lund, framed as Mötesplats: Hemslöjd i Skåne. stitching together then appeared in Annas garndrömmar as well as in Queen Mudd.

080925-28 – X-front seminar and workshop at the Helsinki Design Museum. It’s a growing network and a growing body of knowledge on gender, art, design, public space, fashion and action space! Thanks goes to all the people who give this project so much heart and thought and to the Nordic Culture Point and Produforum.

80913-20 - stitching together as a conversation piece at the Swedish ambassador’s residence in Singapore as a Swedish delegation, coordinated by the Knowledge Foundation, tried to find future collaborators in creative industries, new media, art, design, research and technology.

- Workshops on the beach, seminars in a beautiful mansion, discussions in the park under trees full of apples of knowledge. å+k for a week at NORDES (The Nordic Design Research Conference) summer school for PhD-students on research and design experiments in Krogerup, Denmark.

- å+k accepted to the national design research school for PhD-students organised by the Swedish Centre for Design Research.

080701 – It’s official: for five years from now on å+k will be doctoral students at K3, Malmö University.

080430 - å+k shares experiences from their artistic practice and gives hands on advice for future participatory projects at a seminar with Kultur Malmö, invited by Media Mötesplats Malmö. The title is: Crossmedia projects in public space.

080425 – å+k is invited to a workshop with the students at Critical studies at Malmö konsthögskola.

080411 - 13 - Play in Reverse premiers at the Athens Video Art Festival, invited by Curare Art Movement. It wouldn't have been possible without generous support from Swedish Institute at Athens and the Embassy of Sweden, Athens.

080319-27 - å+k hosts a swinging workshop at the course Sound illustration at K3, Malmö högskola. There will be trial and errors with programming, sounds and a tiny swing.

080317 - å+k hosts a workshop at Crossmedia, BTH in Karlshamn, as part of the course on crossmedia storytelling.

080315 - Åsa Ståhl and Erik Sandelin participate in the Signals from the South-seminar at Pixelache 2008 in Helsinki and share some of their experiences from their recent residency with NICA in Burma.

080310 – It’s soon time for Play in Reverse in Athens. Svenska Dagbladet is spreading the word.

080301 - stitching together at STICKUT. The Stockholm City Museum invites you to one day of crafts.

080215 - 23
- Spread out over urban Berlin and rural eastern Thai archipelago å+k are currently working over Skype and email with ideas about future phones. The questions brought to us, and some more, by an American artist and the
studio Aruliden are simply: “If we had it our way, our phone would do… and it would be something like…”. Hopefully something worth developing further comes out of this ehrm, moment of 2.0 crowdsourcing for future vision –
and in that case you’ll see more about it here!

080206 - å+k present Omvägar i ljud on a seminar on soundwalks at Dansk Arkitektur Center.

080127 - Time is in the air - a film, a collaboration and a show in the new part of Rangoon.

080126 - the stitching together-quilt is exhitited during Kulturnatten in Växjö.

080120 - Soundwalk-workshop in Rangoon. A way of blurring the division between public and private sphere.

080119 - One more time: Unifinshed art, sounds, interactions and surprises. An artist talk by Erik Sandelin and Åsa Ståhl with invited guests in Rangoon.

080116 - Students from Experimental Radio Production at K3 play thier final productions at Ljudbaren at På besök.

071225 - Åsa Ståhl and Erik Sandelin celebrated Christmas with homemade glögg, Swedish angel chimes and an artist talk in Mandalay while all the Christmas-email-cards were on hold due to a complete Internet black out in Upper Burma.

071215 - Unifinshed art, sounds, interactions and surprises. An artist talk by Erik Sandelin and Åsa Ståhl with invited guests in Rangoon.

- If you still haven't got enough, there is more to read about stitching together in the latest issue of Hemslöjden.

071203 - More on stitching together in the Swedish Research Council's web magazine Tentakel.

071119 - stitching together in Och - Berättandets kraft.

071029 - 1218 - The stitching together-quilt becomes academic. With an institutional definition of academia it must be so that the quilt is academic if it is within the realms of academia. And so it is when it appears at Växjö konsthall/Campus. But is it art? stitching together started in an artistic research project, nevertheless doubts have been cast on whether it lives up to the standards of art and academia. å+k initially asked how we can allow for collaborative storytelling on several platforms. The participatory situation behind the quilt is one of our answers.

More images >>
071031 -1101
- stitching together at Spelfest. Malmö city council and Svenska Datorspelsintitutet invites high school students in Malmö to play the latest computer games, meet game developers from all over Sweden, and to join the stitching together sewing circle and embroider text messages from your mobile phones.

071030 - stitching together in Craft. On newsstands November 6!

071022-23 - You don't have to go far, you just have to go close by. That's the device in this devising-workshop held once again with students in Performing Arts Technology at K3, Malmö högskola. We try to unveil the routines, movements, sounds and rhythms of our everyday choreographies. The students are asked to record them and analyse them as they give form to a presentation of movements generated by or triggering sounds. Read more about the workshop in the workshop section of this website.

071015-18 - å+k head north to the Glasgow School of Art to host a workshop with students in Product Design.

070917 - 071026 - Jonas Åkesson, a student at Performing Arts Technology, K3, Malmö högskola, has joined us for a couple of weeks in September and October 2007 to experiment with the different sonic, social and spatial aspects of Play in Reverse. Read his report and posts on the blog.

071004-08 - å+k start a mini-tour in the UK with lecturing and hosting a workshop at the University College for the Creative Arts at Maidstone, Kent.

070923 - From now on you can follow the process of Play in Reverse and see how the concept of the swing develops. You can also add comments and ideas. Please join!

070920 - Hyper Island students in Karlskrona gets three hours of å+k's inspirational talk.

070915 - the stitching together-quilt goes clubbing for a night at the inauguration of Klubb Kikk - a collaboration between K3 and Inkonst. Frida Löw, one of our students in the workshop Detours and Shortcuts in Sound, contributed to the same club night with a popular and socially twisted Silent Disco. When you put on head phones and hear the instructions you are included in a group of dancers at the same time as you are excluded from the sonic environment of those that you share visual references with.

Get up on the dance floor and follow the instructions (mp3) >>
– Soundbar at På Besök is an attempt to listen to sound art and storytelling together with others in a bar. We could call it a radio cinema. But it’s not really… Anyway, å+k introduce the soundwalks Omvägar i ljud . Others present other sounds. It starts at 9 pm. Come for a drink, some time together and a great listening possibility.

2007 09 11- 12 - Nordic Sound Art has invited å+k to host a workshop on soundwalks as the masters course on sound art takes off and the students gather in Malmö for the first time.

070906 – At Full Pull in Malmö Marcel Türkowsky and Åsa Ståhl present their tape salad performance. They will plunge into a silent and sounding collection of discarded cassettes that have been collected in streets, ditches, from lampposts and garbage bins in Russia, Colombia, England and elsewhere. As they explore these magnetic tapes you will hear traces of memories, stories, relations and disrupted expectations turn into music.

2007 09 03 – 15 - K3-students explore how to combine sounds and space and walks and storytelling. å+k will be lecturing and tutoring as the students carve out their soundwalks.

2007 09 04 - å+k continues to cock-a-doodle-doo about their project stitching together. This time for the craft organisation Hemslöjden.

2007 08 23 - 26 - Are they queer? Are they monstrous? Are they functional? Are they a prison? Are they great? Those who participate will know. Fittbyxekurs at Malmö Fria Kvinnouniversitet.

2007 08 19 + 21 - stitching together at Malmöfestivalen. Forward your funniest, dirtiest, happiest, most sad text message to our sewing machine and we will make your SMS eternal. Or, even better, come and visit us in Pysseltältet at Lördagsplan from 7 pm to 11 pm August 19th. And another chance: Raul Wallenbergs park 21st August from 4 pm to 9 pm.

2007 08 18 - Words, words, words. Read them! Sydsvenskan.

2007 08 18
- å+k present Omvägar i ljud at Malmöfestivalen in collaboration with Aluma.

2007 07 - The strength in sewing together. å+k has written about working in the borderland between traditional women’s craft and digital technique to create new situations for meetings. To be read in Tidskrift för genusvetenskap issue # 1-2 2007 on the theme of Art – stage, film and research.

2007 06 18 - 2007 07 27
- å+k visit the residency program for groups at The Nordic Artists’ Centre in Dale, Norway.

2007 07 04 - Åsa at the alt.SPACE Festival in London with her tape salads. Presentation and discussion at South London Gallery as part of the sound theme Broadcast of the festival.

2007 06 30 - stitching together at Dalsbua in Dale Norway. This time we will also put together the Swedish, Mexican, Finish and Norwegian messages into a quilt.

2007 06 23 - Tired of celebrating midsummer? Listen to a portrait of å+k at Svea Kultur, Swedish Radio, P1.

2006 06 20 - Hurray! Experimental radio production celebrates that two of this year's final productions can be heard in Monitor, Swedish Radio, P2. Listen out for the third final production at Radioteatern the coming year.

2007 06 13 - SMS-emboridery in the forefront of research. Read article>>

2007 06 08 - å+k with their sonic projects such as [visklek], [ljudstråk], Ljuset på and Omvägar i ljud at the Sound Days in Copenhagen. Listen to the future. An inspirational gathering focusing on future sound.

2007 05 31 - Enjoy them new sounds and visuals! Students from Malmö University’s courses on Experimental TV and Radio Production play out their final productions at På Besök, Nobelvägen 73, Malmö. Look at the flyer >>

2007 05 03 - 2007 05 06 - Next episode of… Dare to share Your digital secrets. Tv-series-junkies-å+k back in the stitching together-room in Turku to host more sewing circles for exhibition visitors in general and school classes in particular. To be continued...

2007 03 31 - 2007 05 13 - stitching together is exhibited at the show Digitally Yours at Aboa Vetus and Ars Novamuseum in Turku, Finland.
Flyer >>
Listen >>

2007 05 03 - Read about stitching together at Malmö University's web site.

2007 04 28 - Inauguration of the first Omvägar i ljud-soundwalks at the permanent exhibition
Tidernas stad
at Malmö museer. You can start walking now! Mia and Börje will guide you through two different areas of their home town. Both are talking about how to live - or not live - in Malmö. These sound walks can be downloaded or borrowed from Malmö museer. Hurry hurry, they will only be available for 15 years. There's more to come in the "Omvägar i ljud" -project later in the summer. 

2007 04 23 - stitching together in Smålandsposten >>

2007 04 19 and 2007 04 20 – å+k lecture about sound, storytelling on several platforms, failures and our own projects at Malmö högskola, K3.

2007 04 18 - stitching together at Open House in Kista.

2007 04 12 - stitching together at smart and violent Craft Club in Malmö to present and do electro handicraft. Flyer >>

2007 03 26 - 2007 03 26 å+k lecture, ask for help with a button and host a sewing circle workshop with crossmedia-students at Blekinge Tekniska Högskola.

2007 03 08
- seisporseis generously hosts stitching together in their gallery in Cholula. Isaac and Felix arranged a marvelous evening under an orange tree where the sounds of the machine was mixed with laughter and chatting from embroidering participants.

2007 03 07 - stitching together on the lawn of Universidad de las Américas in Puebla

2007 03 04 - stitching together and the first sewing circle wih a machine that embroiders text messages in Parque México at the Trolebus, Mexico City. This event is coordinated by the Swedish Embassy in Mexico.


2007 03 01 - 2007 03 08 - å+k in [ordlekar] at Universidad Iberoamericana and Universidad de las Americas in Mexico for a conference on relational strategies.

2007 02 27 - 2007 02 02 - Sounds, cameras, interactions! at Pixelazo in Colombia. Erik Sandelin and Åsa Ståhl are hosts at a workshop on capturing audio and visual secrets in Medellin - and how to use the material for an interactive installation. Featured on Colombian TV and radio.

2007 01 11
- [ordlekar] hosts a second stitching together-workshop at Växjö Art Gallery.

2006 12 07 - 'Lights on' will be shining at Malmö Stortorget until 12 January 2007. Come and experience being indoors outdoors. å+k has made the sound part of this bizarre and wonderful lamp. Flyer>>

Photo: Helga Steppan
2006 12 05 - As part of [ordlekar] we invite the public to stitching together - a sewing cirlcle in which we embroider text messages at Växjö Art Gallery. Images>>

2006 11 28 - å+k host a workshop on invitations to collaborative storytelling at the Arts Academy in Copenhagen.

2006 11 04 - å+k host a workshop on experimental radio at the recently inaugurated Malmö Fria Kvinnouniversitet. For more information: www.mfkuniversitet.blogspot.com

2006 10 16 - 2006 10 20 - å+ k host a workshop on everyday coreography for students at Performing Arts Technology, K3, Malmö University.

2006 10 17 - å+k + Per Brunskog collaborate with the art group Oda Projesi on a radio feature that will be broadcast on their show in Istanbul. We want to learn how to drive a car in Istanbul. But how do we do that when we're in Sweden? Can you please help us? Listen>>

2006 08 31 - 2006 09 05 - Lovely IMPROVe takes part in Ars Electronica 2006

2006 08 22 - å+k invite you to participate in "Omvägar i ljud" at Alumas tent during Malmöfestivalen.

2006 08 02 - Wearing Conversations workshop at the Participatory Design Conference 2006, Trento, Italy.

2006 06 11 - å+k will host a workshop on collaborative storytelling in Ljungby during a yearly festival on oral storytelling, Berättarfestivalen

2006 04 26 - å+k host a workshop in Ljungby, Sweden, with Blekinge Institute of Technology on story(re)telling as part of a course on heritage and creativity.

2006 04 07 - å+k lecture on radio and sound for students at Media and Communication, K3, Malmö University.

2006 04 01 - Premier: IMPROVe concert in the Helsinki railway station at 5 pm as part of the Pixelache festival and the Locative media workshop. Have a look.

2006 03 14 -
å+k present their work at Taidehalli in Helsinki.

2006 03 11
- Flipper at the Swedish Radio did a piece on [visklek].

2006 03 09 - å+k hosted an inspirational workshop with Vår grundade mening, the media critical show at the Swedish Radio.

2006 02 05 - 2006 04 03 - å+k on a NIFCA research residency in Soumenlinna, Finland.